Commissions Info

What I offer:

— I will write either a single (1) custom-commissioned minimum-30,000 word gender transformation erotica/erotic-romance/or erotic-adventure story for a flat rate of $225 dollars, OR a 100,000 word novel-length story in three (3) installments for $450. Any words I produce over the minimum will be free (I usually go 1k-4k over, but sometimes much more.)

— Examples of my past work can be found here:…

— I will try to complete (part one of) the story within a time frame we agree upon together. Please note: this is an attempt to set expectations for when you can expect the story to be done and not a hard-and-fast commitment to a specific date. I always endeavor to complete my commissioned stories within the agreed-upon time frame, but I can’t always guarantee this (burn-out and writer’s block do occasionally strike, and sometimes stories take longer to finish than I anticipate.) But I do promise to complete each and every story I am commissioned to write, no matter how long it takes me.

— I will accept any form of gender transformation story that we can come to an agreement on. You can request sexual couplings, story components (bodysuits, gender changing pills, lingerie, high heels, whatever, etc.), character names and appearances, themes, plot elements (best friends to lovers? kinky online relationship becomes real?), sexual fetishes (to a limit: no scat, no non-con or dub-con, no vore, no underage, etc.), and so forth. If I think something is objectionable, I will let you know and we can renegotiate. I won’t write any stories that denigrate women (cis or trans) or people of non-white heritage, non-Western ethnicities/disabled people, etc.

— I will retain full and exclusive publishing rights to the finished story, characters, and any sequels. You must explicitly agree to this prior to beginning work. The finished story will be published on Amazon Kindle and Kindle Unlimited. I will note your name on the Acknowledgements page of the published story: e.g. ‘Special Thanks to …’ 

— Payment will be conducted via my Ko-fi Donations Page. (It’s super simple.)

— You can contact me by e-mail at, or via my Patreon at http//

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