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I’m ZOE BROWN, and I write books and novella-length stories which are published on Amazon! My stories range from smutty romance to steamy erotica and to sexy adventure tales (Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Lit-RPG, and more), but they all feature main characters who are transformed (by one means or another) from Male to Female during the course of the story, and then have to figure out how to live, love, and succeed in their aims as the lovely and desirable young women they’ve become.

I write books about male-to-female gender transformation because I feel that there aren’t enough stories in our culture which celebrate how fun and thrilling and adventurous and even sexy both being and becoming a woman can be–what I like to call ‘Sexy Cinderella Stories’–for trans women, trans feminine people, and trans-feminine ‘eggs’ (who may or may not ever decide to come out of the closet) to enjoy and to see their own lives and desires and fantasies reflected in, as well as for the general audience to enjoy and to think about–and maybe even hatch some new fantasies of their own. In the 21st century, with the increasing social acceptance of transgender people and growing understanding that gender and sex aren’t immutable, that you can just be a woman if that’s something you really want to do (regardless of what sex and gender you were assigned at birth), there ought to be more stories which invite and encourage people of all walks of life (but especially ‘amab’ individuals–those ‘assigned male at birth’) to imagine themselves taking a trip across the gender divide, to find out for themselves if their lives (either the ones they have or the ones they wish they could have) could be even better. . . if experienced from a woman’s perspective.

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Newest Release! 5/28/23

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When I get home, I’m not the boss like I am at work – I slip into a more feminine role. I take everything off and put on my Stella McCartney silk robe. I’ll put on a red lip or red nails, and it lifts my mood. Sexy underwear also gives you a spark.

Miranda Kerr

Upcoming Release Schedule:

(Subject to Change)
That ‘Old Hollywood’ Magic (Part One)
Karma’s a B—-!
Satisfaction Guaranteed (Part One)
Becoming Emily
Prom Date (Part Four)
Fated to be Female (Part Two)
Taking Care of Business (Part Four)
Doin’ It For the Gram