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NEWEST RELEASE!  (March 14, 2021):

My newest title, Unanticipated Side Effects (Part Three) is now live on Amazon! Roughly 47,000 words in length, Unanticipated Side Effects (Part Three) is the third installment in a seductive ongoing serial erotic story from Zoe Brown involving identity-challenging Gender Transformations, Ethnicity Changes, Age Reductions (and Progressions), Feminizations, & Steamy Experimentation.

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‘Zoe Brown’ & What She Loves to Write:

Hello there! My (pen name) is Zoe Brown, and I write and self-publish a variety of different kinds of stories on Amazon and Amazon Kindle. Currently, I write:

  • Erotica and Erotic Adventure Short Serials (a series of short installments within the same ongoing story, each usually between 15k and 35k words) designed to titillate, arouse, and, sometimes, even tell a fun adventure story.
  • Romantic Erotica Novels (between 60k and 120k words) designed to combine titillation and arousal with romance and passion.
  • Extra-long LitRPG Adventure novels (between 150k and 250k words) that infuse stories about the adventures of characters from our normal world who find themselves living out a virtual reality or alternate reality experience inside of a gaming world – leveling up and battling monsters and so on – with elements of titillation and romance as well.

What all of my different stories have in common, though, is that they all contain elements of Male-to-Female Gender Transformation. During the course of any Zoe Brown story that you happen to read, at least one character who was born ‘male‘ (assigned male at birth) will become physically ‘female.’ ‘He’ will become a ‘she,’ through one of a variety of different means and methods that I like to employ, whether they be Gender-Changing pills, Werewoman curses, Gender-swapped Virtual Reality gaming avatars, Futuristic Female Bodysuits, or whatever. Once that happens, the newly female character will continue to live her normal life (whether that be a college student’s typical existence, or an adventure story involving virtual reality gaming and battling monsters) while also getting a chance to experience life from the opposite side of the gender divide. I try to cover as many aspects of that experience as I can fit into the story of whatever length I’m writing, from the most obvious (sex and sensuality, different clothing, makeup, external femininity) to the less obvious (how does being female and adopting femininity impact one’s relationships with others over the long term? How does it impact how someone sees the world? How does it change them or influence their perspective towards life?) Most characters that I write will be forced to go back and forth between sexes/gender identities every so often, to heighten the drama and the titillation, and to force the character to confront the difference between who they were and who they want to be at the story’s end.

Why do I do this? Well, there’s a number of different reasons. For one, I’ve always found male-to-female gender transformation stories extremely sexy, and once I had the opportunity to write some of my own, I jumped at it. Secondly, I’m a trans woman myself, and my interest in gender-bending stories stems largely from my feelings of gender dysphoria and my fantasies, which are both similar and different from those of femme-of-center cis women: while in my fantasies I long to be seen as beautiful and desirable and pursued by people who excite and arouse me, just as many cis women do, my desire to be seen as beautiful and desirable also makes me fantasize about some magical or super-scientific or otherworldly catalyst that can transform me from my less-than-passable trans-female self into what I’ve always wanted to be: a beautiful, hot, sexy, desirable cis woman, so that element features pretty prominently in most of my own fantasy stories. It’s not all that different from cis-female Ugly Duckling or Cinderella fantasies, which I definitely enjoy, but it is different enough, I feel, to warrant some sweet, sexy, adventurous, romantic, dangerous, and otherworldly stories that have been written specifically with trans female, other transgender individuals, and gender-bending-curious people in mind.

There’ll be plenty of variety in my work: some of my heroes-turned-heroines will start out their stories seeking gender transformation; many of them will not. Some of them will go through gender transformation because an external element; others will do it out of curiosity or internal desires. Some of them will be bisexual women after their transformations, while many of them will not. Some of the stories will just be kinky and sexy, but most of them will try to explore themes of transgender self-discovery and the malleability of gender identity. However, one thing I should point out: All of my characters will wind up choosing to remain female, in the end. Why? Well, that actually brings me to my third reason for wanting to write these stories: because being female, and feminine, is fucking awesome, and we really don’t get enough stories in our society where that is emphasized.

In our society, masculinity is often seen as ‘better’ than femininity. One of the reasons why being a trans woman is stigmatized in modern culture is because most people can’t wrap their heads around why someone who was born with all the privileges afforded to masculinity would give those up in order to embrace femininity and womanhood. For a long time, being a trans woman was considered a mental disorder for that reason. Lots of powerful, influential, and important people even today still cannot understand why anyone would willingly – even eagerly – give up masculinity and manhood and physical strength and dominance to become softer, smaller, weaker, feminine, cute, pretty, sexy, desirable, and (sometimes) even submissive. Many of those people assume that those of us who do want that – or at least fantasize about it – must be sick, or degenerate. But that’s absurd! More than half the planet is female (physically, at least), and many of those individuals proudly and enthusiastically embrace femininity and womanhood, not only despite what society sees as its inherent ‘flaws,’ but because they enjoy them! Being smaller, softer, and prettier can be fun! Being sexy and desirable and curvy can be fun! Being feminine and frilly can be fun! Being (occasionally) submissive (in the bedroom) can be sexy!! Being emotionally vulnerable and emotionally intelligent can be fun! Valuing empathy over physical dominance can be a strength!

We as a society need more stories about people who choose to lay down masculinity and manhood in order to become feminine and female because they find something valuable and worth while it in the trade off, and I intend to write a bunch of them.

Thanks for checking out my site. : ) I hope you enjoy my stories, and I look forward to writing many more of them in the future.

Zoe Brown