New 8/17! Siren’s Song (Part Two)

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‘God, I can’t believe how freakin’ hot I am, now!’ The new ‘Olivia’ exulted into the mirror, running her elegant new hands and fingers through the layers of flowing, bright platinum hair which now fell down around both sides of her face.

‘Tell me about it,’ I agreed with her, grinning shyly up into the gleaming reflective surface in front of my own face and admiring the way that my newly long, raven-dark hair framed my boldly dark and fiercely arched, equally new eyebrows, the plump and juicy fullness of my new, womanly lips. I couldn’t believe that this was me now! Just as I found it equally difficult to wrap my head around how much I was enjoying the fact that it was!

Now halfway into their magically-induced gender transformations and feminizing conversion into land-walking mermaids, twenty-four-year-old Oliver Dickerson and twenty-five-year-old Dominic Merrill take a dive into the backyard swimming pool of the house in which they had first discovered the mystically-empowered glowing pearl ‘mermaid necklace’ which had kicked off their transformations the night before (along with an eighty-year-old diary which had once belonged to Dominic’s great-grandmother, in which the older woman had documented her own mystical encounter with the glowing bauble and subsequent change of sex), only to come back out of the pool substantially more girlish-looking than they had been when they’d first gone in, and even closer to their aim of turning into a pair of hot, golden-throated new female rock stars who can ride their gorgeous new looks and mystically-enhanced new womanly voices all the way to fortune and fame.

At just over 43,000 words, Siren’s Song (Part Two & Conclusion) is the second of two installments in this limited, two-part TG erotic romance story featuring a Slow, Magical Gender Transformation & Feminization (and Mermaids!) I hope you enjoy it!

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