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“—And you know, Em. . . you’re a girl now. And there’s nothing wrong with that! . . . half the world is female! And you’re about as hot as girls come, you lucky hussy—you should try to enjoy it!” Tossing her long, flowing dark-brown hair back over one of her delicately small and rounded shoulders, the popular pretty girl indicated her friends with a jerk of the chin. “We certainly do.”

Now fully dressed and made-up for her debut outing as a hot, graduating and college-bound Senior girl, eighteen-year-old ‘Emily Brahm’ (formerly Adam Richardson, and formerly a guy) joins her new friend Nikki Carpenter (also eighteen), the pretty and popular sister of his best friend, Sebastian, on a shopping trip to the local Mall, there to meet up with the rest of Nikki’s clique of fashionably glamorous young women known around school as the ‘Get It’ Girls and pick up and pay for the beautifully alluring dresses that each of them has settled on wearing to Prom the following weekend–and, of course, now, to help the new girl, Emily, find a stunningly seductive dress of her own.

As she spends the afternoon plundering the Mall with Nikki’s friends, will Emily be able to convince the other girls that she’s just another glamorous and fashionable young woman, like them? Will she fit in with the other girls, in a way that she–or rather he, as Adamwas never able to do when he was a guy, with other guys? What will she tell the other girls about her new, fictional romantic relationship with the popular, scholarship-winning basketball player, Sebastian? And will she continue to resist all the sensual and feminine delights that her new, temporary, Werewoman-induced experience of womanhood has to offer her–or will she decide to embrace them, instead?

At roughly 40,000 words, Prom Date (Part Three) is the third installment in a sexy on-going serial story involving Gender Transformation & Feminization via Werewoman Pills at the Senior Prom, by Zoe Brown. All characters depicted within this story are 18-years-of-age or older. This story is intended for audiences 18-years-of-age and older. I hope you enjoy yourself!

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