New 7/19 – Additional Experimentation, Part One! [Magical Gender Transformation, Ethnicity Change, Age Reduction, Feminization, & the Disastrous Exposure of a Sexy, Secret Gender-Bending Double Life]

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‘God, I longed to give in! To let the magic reshape me, and remold me. . . to give me back the soft curves and supple flesh of my womanly form again! Only Derby’s goddamned-intrusive presence was preventing me from achieving the feminizing apotheosis which I craved!

‘Don’t change yet. . . don’t change yet. . . !”

One Friday night, some two months after the events described in the still-ongoing Unanticipated Side Effects series, wherein the forty-six-year-old anthropology professor Dr. Sebastian Nairn discovered that drinking cool water drawn from an ancient, sacred ritual basin taken from the shrine of an obscure, forgotten pre-dynastic deity in central Japan could transform him into a gorgeous and desirable early-twenties-something red-headed Japanese chick (and then back again whenever he wanted it), allowing him experiment with several of the delightful and delicious pleasures that a part-time, temporary existence as a sexy young woman had to offer, Nairn again downs yet another quaff of the magical, sex-changing water from the cold basin of the Kurenai God/Goddess’ shrine on Mt. Chorogatake, and prepares to transform back into his sexy, early-twenties-something redheaded Japanese female alter ego, Viola Hashimoto, so that he–SHE–can head out on the town for the night, partying, dancing, and looking to find some other pretty and shapely twenties-something hot chick to hook-up with, only to be interrupted in his office, just before the transformation can begin, by the sudden, unexpected arrival of Dr. Winona Derby, his longtime academic nemesis. Can Sebastian/Viola hold off his/her feminizing changes long enough to resist having his/her sexy, gender-bending double-life exposed to a woman and professional colleague who has made destroying his career a lifelong ambition of hers? And if not… what might be the consequences of having the secret of his/her part-time female existence revealed in such a vividly sensual manner?

In response to reader request, at just under 40,000 words, Additional Experimentation (Part One), is a hot and frisky introduction to a new serial series from Zoe Brown featuring magical transformation, ethnicity change, age reduction, and feminization, along with the disastrous exposure of one individual’s sexy-sexy gender-bending double life, which is set within the same universe as the Unanticipated Side Effects story (also by Zoe Brown), and which features its primary characters in a canonically-in-universe tale set some two months after the ‘end’ of the previous storyline. Enjoy!

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