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BLURB: 43-year-old Bostonian librarian and archivist Henry D’Angelo had been a shy, unconfident man with cripplingly-low self-esteem all his adult life, timid and retiring in life and unsuccessful in the pursuit of love, until an unexpected discovery one day four months ago introduced him to the tale of two friends, visionary alchemical researchers from turn-of-the-20th-century London who had dreamed of creating an elixir that could improve the human condition by removing many of the physical and psychological hurdles that hold men back. While early experiments in the endeavor to produce such a compound had ended in horror, disaster, and tragedy that had claimed one of the two men’s lives (though potentially inspiring one of the most acclaimed works of Gothic Horror to survive from the period in the process), the surviving man had continued his friend’s research and experimentation in secret and in the privacy of the basement of his new, Boston-based home for several decades further.

In the crinkly and yellowed pages of a century-plus old scientific research journal, Henry had discovered that before his narrative abruptly and somewhat mysteriously cut off, the surviving researcher had believed he had at last perfected his late, tragically-deceased friend’s formula for an elixir that would boost the self-confidence and self-esteem of any who drank it, along with enhancing both their physical vitality and sexual virility–exactly the sort of chemical compound that would appeal to a man like Henry. Driven by a lifelong desire to overcome the psychological hurdles which had held him back from living his life to the fullest, for the first time in his life, Henry had incautiously elected to secretly brew some of the forgotten alchemical compound at his own apartment in upper Boston in order to find out for himself whether it really did what the old researcher had claimed it would do.

As it turned out, it had indeed! However, in addition to boosting both his confidence and self-esteem, upon first sampling a dose of the elixir, Henry had been shocked to discover that the century-plus-old formulae for the elixir had one strange and utterly unforeseen–but surprisingly exciting, and maybe even downright sexy–side effect: it also turned him into a hot and sexy young female version of himself (in her early-twenties)for however long he (or she?) remained under the effects of the elixir, a babely and alluring new girlish alter-ego whom Henry soon came to name ‘Emily.’

After first experimenting for several months with the unforeseen new sex-changing double-life which he-slash-she had unexpectedly stumbled upon following his/her first trials of the elixir and discovering that he actually quite enjoyed (in every way imaginable) getting to become a gorgeous, sexy, alluring young woman on the fly whenever he wished it, Henry finally began to grow afraid of the possibility that he might be at risk of losing himself in his babely new female alter-ego’s much more confident and self-assured existence, and so curtailed his dabbling with the elixir, resigning himself to a strictly male existence for the rest of the foreseeable future.

But as the weeks and months rolled on by, Henry increasingly came to discover that it was not so easy for him to resist the siren call of his lovely young female alter-ego, or of the deliciously indulgent feminine delights that he–as she–was free to savor and enjoy with but one small sip of the sex-changing, girl-making alchemical formula, and the temptation to once more give in ever besets him. . .

At over 36,000 words, Becoming Emily (Part One) is the first installment in a new, two-part story featuring Gender Transformation, Feminization, & a Deliciously Sensuous Intimate Encounter via the Rediscovery of a Long-Lost Chemical Elixir from the Victorian Era. from Zoe Brown. I hope you enjoy it!

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