New Title 2/24/23

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BLURB: At seventy-eight-years-old, George Hanson had figured his race was run. His late, beloved wife Elaine had passed away three years earlier (of sudden heart failure), and the elderly military vet and ex-software-programmer had relocated to a modest, comfortable oceanfront condominium complex at Cocoa Beach to live out the remainder of his days bobbing peacefully up and down in the back of the small, personal yacht that he had purchased with the retirement money he and his late wife had been saving up for their ‘sunset years,’ reading the technical journals and military history publications that he enjoyed, and just generally waiting for the clock to run out.

But even at 78, George Hanson continued to harbor secret, fetishy fantasies of sex-changing gender transformation–of becoming a beautiful young woman–like Lizzie, the pretty, young twenty-two-year-old blonde girl who lived next door to him–which he had carefully kept hidden from everyone around him (including his late, beloved wife, Elaine) for all his life. He didn’t expect anything to ever come of them, now, of course. At 78, he felt far too old to transition, convinced that he would never be happy with the results, and he remained far-too-deeply affected by the patriarchal, misogynistic upbringing of his youth to ever be comfortable fully owning those desires and coming forward about potentially being transgender, but in spite of all that he continued to wish, long, dream about, and desperately desire the chance to know just how much better his life could have been, had he been born a woman.

When an unexpected encounter between George and Lizzie leads to the seventy-eight-year-old ex-soldier becoming aware of the young blonde woman’s terminal heart condition at roughly the exact same moment that Lizzie gets an inkling of the secret, concealed fantasies of sex-changing gender transformation which George has kept to himself for the last eight decades, the lives of the two become enmeshed and entangled in a way which neither could have ever previously predicted.

In the end, Lizzie gives George the greatest gift he could have ever hoped for: a chance at starting over, again. This time from the perspective of the pretty and petite young blonde girl that he had always wished he could be.

At over 31,000 words, Starting Over (Part One)is the first installment in a new, two-part story featuring slow, gradual Magical Gender Transformation, Age Reduction, and Feminization from Zoe Brown. I hope you enjoy it!

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