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BLURB: Containing three (3) of Zoe Brown‘s earliest (previously published on Amazon) TG fiction stories–Outed at the Club, It Takes Two (previously published as ‘Tango’), and A Werewoman and Her Vampirenow freshly re-edited and re-formatted for inclusion in this special collection, Tales of Romantic Gender Transformation (Volume One) comprises over 71,000 words of content involving average, ordinary young men who undergo (either willingly or elsewise) processy, sex-changing gender transformations and feminizations into beautiful, alluring, and sexually-libidinous young women, in several uniquely-different, steamy and romantic contexts.


“Outed At the Club” :: Brenden Thomas is a handsome, leanly-muscled young lawyer at a conservative New York law firm who conceals a sexy secret behind his handsome, masculine facade. Using an illicit, ‘street’ gender bending drug known as ‘Werewoman‘ to turn himself into a beautiful young twenty-something woman named Erica, he (as a sometimes-she) has, in the past, led a double life of gender bending, secret identities, and hidden desires. Exposure of this secret double life and his/her gender bending activities could cost Brenden his job, his friendships, and his life as he knows it, so he’s always been extremely careful to keep the two halves of his life apart. He has two separate cellphones, two separate Tinder accounts, and more. And he’s never had any problems keeping his dual lives separate from one another… until now.

“It Takes Two” :: Keith Hughes is a pizza delivery driver in his late twenties who spends most of his weekends working. He lives alone and though handsome, he only dates occasionally, due to the demands of his schedule. To all outside appearances he’s a normal guy, but in secret he has a special, locked drawer in his dresser within which he keeps a small baggie of ‘Werewoman,’ the illicit gender bending street drug. From time to time, the handsome 29 year old likes to dose himself with the pill and become Kelly, a beautiful woman with long copper-red hair, so that he–as SHE–can ‘hook-up’ with a hot guy from one of her dating apps and enjoy a hot, sensual evening as a woman!

“A Werewoman and Her Vampire” :: Richard Bryant is a 22-year-old a graduate student in a prestigious Boston-based graduate program. He’s a tall, handsome, and charming young white male in one of the best college towns on the planet, and he tends bar at Books on Tap, a hip and trendy spot for students and academics to gather, drink, and shoot the breeze among peers.

But beneath the surface, Rick’s life is not what it appears to be. For several months now, ever since a fateful one-night stand, Rick has been a Werewoman, an individual blessed (or cursed, depending on your perspective) with a unique condition that afflicts him once every four nights. Once every four nights, Rick he transforms into a beautiful, sensuous young Korean-American woman named Sabina–the woman of his dreams.

As Sabina, the new young woman is a ravishing goddess of steamy encounters, and she’s racked up quite a list of ex-lovers already. But for the last few months, she’s been trying to balance her day job and school life (as Rick) with her new life as Sabina, and most intriguingly of all, with her new love affair with the handsome, amber-eyed Vampire, James. Sometimes the balance isn’t so difficult to maintain, but on other nights, such as tonight, the complexities of leading a double life can really catch up to you!

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