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BLURB: When the short, scrawny, ‘nebbish’ 28-year-old Kevin Johnson, a lifelong fan of classic, ‘Old Hollywood’ cinema, stumbles home one wintery evening after being (reluctantly) sent home early from work, stressed out about the state of his finances and unhappy with the way his life, in general, has turned out, only to be run over by a pair of big and muscular young toughs attempting to pull a ‘drink-and-dash’ on the local neighborhood Irish pub, he has no way of knowing that anyone out there would be listening in on the offhand, spur-of-the-moment wish he expresses as he gets back up onto his feet that he could be one of those old-timey movie stars from the ‘Golden Age of Hollywood’ that he has so long envied.

But when an impossibly-ancient, mostly-incorporeal being in the form of a mid-twentieth-century Movie theater usher offers to fulfill his wish by sending him back in time to the late-1940s world of ‘Old Hollywood,’ with the skills and abilities necessary to make himself a star, with the only condition being that he must do what he can to save the lives of two of his own favorite movie stars from the period, Kevin understandably jumps at the chance. When he discovers that he is being offered a choice between going back in time as either a ‘leading man’ or a ‘leading lady’ (depending on his preference), he is unable to resist the sudden compulsion which he then experiences to just get a sneak peak into what life would be like for him if he were to choose to go back in time as a hot and sexy ‘Old Hollywood’ bombshell, and ‘accidentally’ winds up selecting a brand-new female destiny for himself which he originally told himself he was only. . . curious about.

At over 53,000 words, That Old Hollywood Magic (Part One)is the first installment in a hot and sultry new transgender romance serial story about Stumbling backwards through Time to the Golden Age of Cinema, while encountering Magical Gender Transformation, Feminization, & Silver Screen Romance along the way.

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