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BLURB: Now fully transformed into a girl by the magic of the Obsidian Crown Casino-Resort Hotel (and its secret, ancient divine patroness), the former thirty-four-year-old Darren Blake (now the astonishingly gorgeous early-twenties-something ‘Darcy‘) finds him/herself compelled to take on the role of a ‘VIP Guest Hostess’ girl on behalf of the hotel on the day of its wildly extravagant annual Halloween bash: the ‘Trick-or-Treat’ party. After first getting dolled up in some luxuriously glamorous ‘business-sexy’ attire, the new girl begins to be introduced to some of the world-famous celebrity performers who have been slated to appear at the event later on that evening, and is astonished to discover that in addition to having had both her sex and gender changed by the magic of the goddess Astarte, she has now also experienced a similar change in sexual orientation, becoming attracted to some of the same world-class–male–VIP guests with whom she now finds herself socializing.

As the day progresses, the new ‘Darcy’ increasingly not only begins to find aspects of her luxuriously glamorous new, temporary female existence enjoyable, but even to begin activity contemplating taking her once-in-a-lifetime experience of being a beautiful young woman all the way, by potentially allowing her long-term musical idol, the strikingly good-looking Trent Reynolds, frontman of the world-renowned alt-rock group October Hearts, to take her gorgeous new female alter-ego to bed once the night’s party is over. . .

At over 42,000 words, Trick-or-Treat (Part Two & Conclusion) is the second and final thrillingly titillating, post-transformation-focused installment in this two-part Transgender Erotica duology from Zoe Brown about a Halloween Party to Remember, featuring Magical Gender Transformation & Feminization! I hope you enjoy it!

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