New Title Released: 10/31/22!

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BLURB: It’s Halloween season, and for the past seven years, 34-year-old Darren Blake has been trying and failing to score himself one of five-thousand tickets to the wildly extravagant, VIP-studded, internationally-acclaimed ‘Trick-or-Treat’ Halloween blowout-bash held annually at the fabulously indulgent Obsidian Crown Casino-Resort Hotel in Atlantic City, where star-powered slates of entertainers, ribald masquerade partying, and crowds jam-packed with scores of attractive young women make the event the not-to-miss hotspot of the late-October East Coast party scene. When an unexpected recruiting e-mail suddenly shows up in the luckless gig-worker’s inbox one day a couple of months before the event offering him the chance to come and stay at the hotel for the weekend of the Halloween rave extravaganza in exchange for him performing some. . . unspecified ‘temp-work’ duties on the night of the party itself, he is only too quick to jump at the opportunity.

However, upon waking up in his hotel room upon the day of the party itself, Darren is at first alarmed and horrified (and then, later on, excited and aroused) to discover precisely what ‘duties’ the ancient Near-Eastern patron goddess to which the Obsidian Crown hotel is dedicated has in mind for him. . . or rather her. . . to perform once he/she finally makes it to the event later on that evening.

This is going to be the best Halloween ‘costume’ ever!

At over 33,000 words, Trick-or-Treat (Part One) is the first, thrillingly titillating, transformation-focused installment in a two-part Transgender Erotica serial story from Zoe Brown about a Halloween Party to Remember, featuring Magical Gender Transformation & Feminization! I hope you enjoy it!

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