New Title Released 10/16/22

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Blurb: “I’m sorry,” Simeon managed at last, in a low and subdued voice thick with regret. “The magic has too strong a hold on you already. The way it healed your hand. . . and shielding itself from my interference. . . There’s nothing I can do to break its grip.” Meeting my eyes directly, he grimaced, gravely, and gave his head a little shake. “I can’t help you.”

After desperately searching for a cure to the sex-changing magical pathogen which has been ravaging his body for the past week, twenty-eight-year-old Conrad Cole is initially thrilled when he finally encounters a real ‘magic-user’ who knows something about sexually-transmitted magical diseases–and in particular about the girl-making magical pathogen which seems hell-bent on turning the hapless, nebbish software programmer into a beautiful young woman in just two days’ time–but he is absolutely crushed when that same sorcerer is ultimately forced to reveal to him that the hold the feminizing magic has upon his ailing body is too strong to be broken.

Refusing at first to give in and accept his feminizing fate, Conrad spends his last full day as a man continuing his frantic quest for any way to avoid being transformed into the gorgeous and voluptuous dark-haired beauty whom he keeps seeing in his dreams at night, but when at last he runs out of options he is reluctantly forced to come to grips with the possibility that he might indeed be doomed to becoming the latest gender-transformed victim of. . . The ‘Venus Virus.’

At over 37,000 words, The Venus Virus (Part Three) is the third installment in an indulgently sexy Transgender Erotica serial story from Zoe Brown featuring involuntary magical gender transformation and feminization! I hope you enjoy it!

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