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‘In four days, you’re gonna turn into a chick.’

Afflicted by some mysterious, unidentifiable malady that he doesn’t yet understand, for the past three and a half days geeky, beanpole-thin 28-year-old software systems programmer Conrad Cole has been forced to suffer through a series of terrifying dreams about being turned (against his will) into a gorgeous, stunningly voluptuous dark-haired young woman, the awkward embarrassment of suddenly discovering that he is now attracted to good-looking guys, and the emasculating mortification of being forced to acquire an ever greater amount of enticing female clothing items, all seemingly in preparation for some worrying and dreadful fate which he can’t even bring himself to contemplate. And this while simultaneously coming down with some nasty bug that seems to be making him feel feverish and weak. But when Seline Blanchet, the pretty French-American barista who has recently taken over the running of Conrad’s favorite spot to grab a cup of caffè mocha on his way into work in the mornings (and an absolutely gorgeous 22-year-old blonde babe whom he’d had the pleasure of hooking up with a couple of weeks back) suddenly reveals to the nebbish young software programmer that she had once been Michael Blanchet, the 44-year old former proprietor of the cafe-bookshop, Conrad suddenly finds all his worst suspicions about what’s been happening to him over the course of the past few days confirmed. And worse yet, he learns that he only has four days left to find a way to stop himself from suffering the same sex-changing metamorphic fate which befell Seline, because he, too, is now suffering from. . . the Venus Virus.

At over 32,000 words, The Venus Virus (Part One) is the second installment in an indulgently sexy serial story from Zoe Brown featuring involuntary magical gender transformation and feminization! I hope you enjoy it!

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