New 7/8! ‘I Need It’ — A Short and VERY Smutty Story of Magical Gender Transformation & Feminization

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“You like me better that way, don’t you? We always have fun together, when I’m. . . you know. . . ”

On a random Friday night in July, twenty-nine-year-old Jack Norton rushes home from his office to the swanky loft in Midtown Manhattan which he shares with the handsome, well-built twenty-seven-year-old Adam Lang, and, trembling with lust and desire, drops to his knees on the kitchen floor in front of his roommate, and begs him to ‘let [him] have it’–again. In response, Adam quickly agrees. But what is it precisely which Jack so desperately craves? How did an offhanded remark and a thoughtless flip of a coin into a cheap little decorative water fountain a few months back confer upon Adam the unfailing ability to find himself hot and willing women eager to fall into bed with him whenever he happens to be in the mood for a little female companionship, and what does that sexy secret have to do with Jack, and with the voluptuous, babely, dark-haired early-twenties-something ‘hottie’ whom Adam has been shacking up with for the past several weekends?

At just around 13,000 words, I Need It is a short and sexy standalone story from Zoe Brown involving Magical Gender Transformation and Feminization. I hope you enjoy it!

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